Thom Young Researcher Award

Welcome to Montpellier for FRCCS 2024

Brennan Klein

Northeastern University

My research attempts to understand how complex systems are able to represent, predict, and intervene on their surroundings across a number of different scales—all in ways that appear to maintain the statistical boundary between them and their environment. This approach is used to study a range of phenomena from decision making, to experimental design, to causation and emergence in networks. I received a BA in Cognitive Science and Psychology from Swarthmore College in 2014, studying the relationship between perception, action, and cognition. I received my PhD in Network Science from Northeastern University in 2020. I make art under the pseudonym JK Rofling.


Dino Carpentras

ETH Zürich

Dino Carpentras is a post-doctoral researcher at the Computational Social Science group at ETH Zürich and is currently working on tools for enabling and fostering collective intelligence in digital democracy. His research revolves around people’s opinions and how they can shape group identity, social interactions, and the democratic process. During his previous Marie Curie Fellowship, Dino worked on models of social influence and network-based methods for studying attitudes in group formation.


Maxime Lucas

CENTAI Institute

Maxime Lucas is a physicist with a strong interest in dynamical systems, complex systems, and networks, and their application to the life sciences. In particular, Maxime’s current projects center around synchronisation, networks with group interactions, and multidisciplinary efforts about neuroscience or sperm whale communication. Maxime is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at CENTAI Institute in Turin with G. Petri. Prior to this, he worked in Marseille (France) as a postdoc with A. Barrat, and in Lancaster (UK) and Florence (Italy) for his PhD with A. Stefanovska and D. Fanelli. Maxime is originally from Brussels (Belgium) where he obtained his BSc and Msc in physics before a complementary Master in AI at KULeuven (Belgium).