Best Presentation Awards

Welcome to Le Havre for FRCCS 2023

Awardees 2023

Best Paper Awardee          Best Abstract Awardee

Amina Azaiez

Université Paris 1
Panthéon Sorbonne

Political Participation and Voluntary Associations : A Hypergraph Case Study

Ali Yassin

University of Burgundy

Filtering Real World Networks: a Correlation Analysis of Statistical Backbone Techniques

Award nominees 2023

Award paper nominees

Marius Agasse-Duval, ENAC, University of Toulouse, Subgraphs and Motifs in a Dynamic Airline Network
Guillaume Deffuant, Inrae, Opinion Dynamics Model Revealing yet Undetected Cognitive Biases
Charlie Joyez, Université Côte d’Azur, Alignment of Multinational Firms Along Global Value Chains: a Network-Based Perspective
Jérémy Rivière, Université de Brest, CNRS, Lab-STICC, How to Grasp the Complexity of Self-Organised Robot Swarms?

Award abstract nominees

Remy Cazabet, Université Lyon 1, CNRS, A Toy Model for Approaching Volcanic Plumbing Systems as Complex Systems
Mar Cuevas-Blanco, IFISC (CSIC_UIB), The Architecture of Multifunctional Ecological Networks
Sylvain Fontaine, GEMASS, CNRS – Sorbonne Université, A Pattern of Diffusion of Artificial Intelligence in Science: the Development of an AI Scientific Specialty in Neuroscience
Fabrice Lecuyer, Sorbonne Université, CNRS, LIP6, Quality Certification of Vertex Cover Heuristics on Real-World Networks
Guillaume Moinard, Sorbonne Université, CNRS, LIP6, Impact of Pedestrian Flocking Tactics on Urban Networks

It rewards the most outstanding presentations of the conference under two categories

The Best Poster Presentation Award

This award is dedicated to poster presenters. It will be selected among all the researchers in the poster sessions.

The Best Oral Presentation Award

This award is provided for the most outstanding oral presentation of the conference

Selection Process

An award committee headed by the Conference Chairs evaluates the presentations according to the below criteria.

Criteria for the Best Oral Presentation Awards

Content of the presentation (45%)
Clarity and flow of the Presentation (20%)
Novelty /contribution to the field (25%)
Timing (10%)

Criteria for the Best Poster Presentation Award

Depth of Content (40%)
Introduction and Abstract (15%)
Content knowledge and organization (20%)
Poster Design and Overall Visual Appeal (10%)
Verbal Interaction (15%)

Award Procedure

The winners will be given their awards during the closing ceremony, held on the last day of the conference.