Welcome to Dijon for FRCCS 2021

Detailed Program

Wednesday, May 26th

08:30-09:00 Session Opening

Chairs: Hocine Cherifi, Christophe Cruz, Chavalarias David and Olivier Togni

Session Speaker S1: Guillaume Deffuant
Chair: Laura Hernandez

09:00-09:45 Do interactions among unequal agents undermine average self-esteem?  

Session Poster P1 A: Epidemics & Biological Networks
09:45 Tian Gan and Long Ma, Characterizing the divergence between two different models for fitting and forecasting the COVID-19 pandemic
09:45 Samuel Diop, Seydou Keita, Kutaiba Alhaj Hussen, Bruno Canque and François Jouen, Gaussian Mixture Model and Linear-Discriminant-Analysis for clustering complex biological data

Session Oral O1: Social Complexity

Chair: Sylvie Huet
10:00 Mariano Beiró, Ning Ning Chung, Lock-Yue Chew, Steve Lansing, Stefan Thurner and Yerali Gandica
Evidence of a common pattern in social explosions
10:15 Alexandre Leroux, Cécile Balty and Matteo Gagliolo, Mapping pro migrant discourse on Facebook : The Belgian migration activist scene and its (re)configuration from 2014 to 2018 
10:30, Leonie Neuhauser, Michael Schaub and Renaud Lambiotte, Multi-body Interactions and Non-Linear Consensus Dynamics
10:45 Alexis Guyot, Annabelle Gillet and Eric Leclercq, Detection of antagonism and polarization on social media through community boundaries
11:00, Alexandre Nicolas, Willy Garcia, Baptiste Fray and Simon Mendez; In-depth study of contacts in non-confined crowds and the associated risks of viral spread

Session P1 B: Epidemics & Biological Networks 
11:15-11:30 See content in P1 A

Session Speaker S2: Marten Düring
Chair: Laurent Beauguitte
11:30-12:15 In-between complexities: On the exploration of datafied historical sources

LUNCH BREAK 12:15-13:30

Session Oral O2: Economics & Finance

Chair: Paolo Zeppini
14:00 Sergei Egorov and Serguei Pergamenchtchikov, Optimal investment and consumption strategies on Levy financial markets with jumps under transaction costs
14:15 Roberto Antonietti, Paolo Falbo, Fulvio Fontini, Rosanna Grassi and Giorgio Rizzini, Country Centrality in the International Trade Network and the COVID-19 Pandemic
14:30 Arnaud Persenda, Flora Bellone and Paolo Zeppini, The Rise of China in the Global Production Network: What can Autocatalytic Sets teach us ? 
14:45 Charlie Joyez and Catherine Laffineur, The Occupation Space: network structure and centrality in French Labor market
15:00 Zachary Boyd and Kayvan Lavassani, Robustness of Global Medical Equipment Supply Chains

Session Poster P2 A: Infrastructure, Planning, and Environment
15:15 Nilankur Dutta and Alexandre Nicolas, Predicting and Modulating On-street Parking in Cities
15:15 Belfin R, Grace Mary Kanaga E and Piotr Brodka, Application of Network Science in detection of hospital communities

Session Speaker S3: Alain Barrat

Chair: Renaud Lambiotte
15:30-16:15 Social contagion and norm emergence on simplicial complexes and hypergraphs

Session Poster P2 B: Infrastructure, Planning, and Environment 
16:15-16:30 See content in P2 A

Session Oral O3: Structure & Dynamics
Chair: Konstantin Avrachenkov
16:30 Quang Nguyen, Van Tuan Vu, Hanh Duyen Dinh, David Cassi, F. Scotognella, Roberta Alfieri and Michele Bellingeri, Modularity affects the robustness of scale-free model networks under betweenness and degree-based node attack 
16:45 Oriol Artime and Manlio De Domenico, Unraveling the role of node metadata in network robustness: the feature-based percolation model
17:00 Antoine Lucquiaud and Julien Randon-Furling, Markov Chain Aggregation in the Schelling Model (abstract)
17:15 Mateusz Wilinski and Andrey Lokhov, Scalable Learning of Independent Cascade Dynamics from Partial Observations
17:30 Zachary Boyd, Nicolas Fraiman, Peter Mucha, Braxton Osting and Jonathan Weare, A metric on directed graph nodes based on hitting probabilities

Thursday, May 27th

Session Speaker S4: Andrei Zinovyev
Chair: Nelly Litvak

09:00 Random walks on biological networks

Session Poster P3 A: Economics & Finance
09:45 Francesco Bertolotti, Angela Locoro and Luca Mari
Emergence of Risk Sensitivity from First Principles: An Agent-based model
09:45 Lucas Isenmann, Analysis of the Sybil defense of Duniter-based cryptocurrencies

Session Oral O4: Structure & Dynamics
Chair: Fred Amblard
10:00 Thi Kim Nhung Dang, Doina Bucur, Berk Atıl, Guillaume Pitel, Frank Ruis and Nelly Litvak
Predictions for dynamics of the World Wide Web
10:15 Stephany Rajeh, Marinette Savonnet, Eric Leclercq and Hocine Cherifi, Classical versus Community-aware Centrality Measures: An Empirical Study
10:30 Akrati Saxena, Mykola Pechenizkiy and George H. L. Fletcher, NodeSim: Node Similarity based Network Embedding for Diverse Link Prediction
10:45 Eytan Katzav, Ofer Biham, Reimer Kuehn and Haggai Bonneau, Statistical properties of edges and bredges in configuration model networks
11:00 Aurélien Hazan, Applications of renormalizable binary fitness-based network models

Session Poster P3 B: Economics & Finance 
11:15-11:30 See content in P3 A

Session Panel Discussion
Chairs: Alain Barrat, Cyrille Bertelle, Guido Caldarelli, Hocine Cherifi, Chavalarias David, Cesar A. Hidalgo, Bertrand Jouve and Hamamache Kheddouci
11:30-12:15 Complex Systems Science: The Challenges

LUNCH BREAK 12:15-13:30

Session Oral O5: Diffusion/Circulation of Knowledge
Chair: Angelo Furno
13:30 Floriana Gargiulo, Maria Castaldo, Tommaso Venturini and Paolo Frasca, The path to scientific discovery: distribution of labor, productivity and innovation incollaborative science
13:45 Loïc Sadou, Stephane Couture, Rallou Thomopoulos and Patrick Taillandier, Simulating the diffusion of innovation using agent-based models, formal argumentation and the theory of planned behavior (abstract)
14:00 Lobbé Quentin, Chavalarias David and Delanoë Alexandre, Exploring, browsing and interacting with multi-scale structures of knowledge
14:15 Hiba Abou Jamra, Marinette Savonnet and Eric Leclercq, The Role of Graphlets as Event Precursors in Social Networks
14:30 Abdelghani Laifa, Christophe Cruz and Laurent Gautier, Data augmentation impact on domain-specific text summarization
14:45 Loredana Bellantuono, Alfonso Monaco, Sabina Tangaro, Nicola Amoroso, Vincenzo Aquaro and Roberto Bellotti, SDG achievement patterns: outcome vs expectations in a complex network model (abstract)
15:00 Pedro Lopez-Merino, An agent-based model of (food) consumption: Accounting for the Intention-Behaviour-Gap on three dimensions of characteristics with limited knowledge

Session Poster P4 A: Social Complexity
15:15 Julien Assuied, Laura Hernandez and Yerali Gandica, Populations preferences through Wikipedia edits: A dynamic analysis

15:15 Majda Lafhel, Youssef Mourchid, Benjamin Renoust, Hocine Cherifi and Mohammed El Hassouni
Assessing movie similarity using a multilayer network model

Session Speaker S5: Cesar A. Hidalgo
Chair: Julien Bourgeois
15:30 How Humans Judge Machine

Session Poster P4 B: Social Complexity
16:15-16:30 See content in P4 A

Session Oral O6: Biological & Ecological Networks
Chair: Lulla Opatowski
16:30 Gianni Fenu and Enrico Podda, A Complex Network Analysis to modeling Ecological Networks (abstract)
16:45 Christophe Deroulers, Predicting invasion by polarized migrating cells
17:00 Mélanie Bonneault, Maxime Flauder, Elisabeth Delarocque-Astagneau, Anne Cm Thiébaut and Lulla Opatowski, An agent-based model to simulate co-infection with human papillomaviruses in a partially vaccinated partnership network
17:15 Ekaterina Kotelnikova, Klaus M. Frahm, José Lages and Dima L Shepelyansky
Statistical properties of the MetaCore network of protein-protein interactions
17:30 Aïssatou Fofana and Jacques-Olivier Fortrat, Respiratory influences on heart rate variability self- organized criticality

Friday, May 28th

Session Speaker S6: Julie Dugdale
Chair: Pascale Kuntz

09:00 The complexity of human behaviour : Making the irrational, rational

Session Poster P5 A: Biological & Ecological Networks
09:45 Janaki Raghavan, Persistent patterns in an oscillatory medium with stirring 
09:45 Arran Hodgkinson and Alain Jean-Marie, Social Networking and Population Growth: A complex mathematical relationship

Session Oral O7: Foundations of Complex Systems
Chair: Julien Tailleur
10:00 Olivier Mauviel, Modular approach to material flow analysis
10:15 Michele Tirico, Stefan Balev, Antoine Dutot and Damien Olivier, A reaction-diffusion system drives the morphogenesis of spatial complex networks
10:30 Vincent Bridonneau, Yoann Pigné and Frédéric Guinand, A Generative Model for Self-Sustained Dynamic Graphs
10:45 Konstantin Avrachenkov, Andrei Bobu and Maximilien Dreveton, Higher-Order Spectral Clustering for Geometric Graphs
11:00 Pau Vilimelis Aceituno, Eigenvalues of random directed signed graphs with cycles

Session Poster P5 B: Biological & Ecological Networks 
11:15-11:30 See content in P5 A

Session Speaker S7: Denise Pumain
Chair: Bertrand Jouve
11:30 Urban Future: From Discourse to Facts and back through Complex Systems Simulation

LUNCH BREAK 12:15-13:30

Session Oral O8: Infrastructure, Planning, and Environment
Chair: Celine Rozenblat
13:30 Guillaume Guérard and Djebali Sonia, Tourism Management through the Big Data Paradigm
13:45 Issa Moussa Diop, Chantal Cherifi, Cherif Diallo and Hocine Cherifi, core-periphery structure of the world air transportation network
14:00 Juste Raimbault, Integrating and validating urban simulation models
14:15 Roberto Interdonato, Raffaele Gaetano, Léo Roussel and Giuseppe Scarpa, Unsupervised agricultural landscape stratification via multilayer community detection
14:30 Chantal Cherifi, Guillaume Bouleux and Aurélie Charles, Towards a holistic modeling of the humanitarian crisis complex relief system
14:45 Valentina Lanza, Edwige Dubos-Paillard, Rodolphe Charrier, Nathalie Verdière, Cyrille Bertelle, Anne Tricot, Damienne Provitolo and M.A. Aziz-Alaoui, A multidisciplinary approach to study the impact of territory properties on population behaviors during disasters
15:00 Hanae El Gouj and Claire Lagesse, Road networks analysis based on geo-historical data

Session Poster P6 A: Structure & Dynamics
15:15 Mounir Haddad, Cécile Bothorel, Philippe Lenca and Dominique Bedart, Task-specific Temporal Node Embedding
15:15 Mehdi Djellabi and Bertrand Jouve, Clustering of temporal nodes profiles in dynamic networks of contacts

Session Speaker S8: Camille Roth
Chair: Yerali Gandica
15:30-16:15 Algorithmic recommendation in online systems: principles, effects, uses

Session Poster P6 B: Structure & Dynamics 
16:15-16:30 See content in P6 A

Session Oral O9: Social Complexity
Chair: Floriana Gargiulo
16:30 André Martins, Defining extremism in opinion models
16:45 Uno Svedin and Hans Liljenstrom, Urban-rural socio-ecological-cultural complexity approaches – the case of the Swedish Stockholm-Lake Mälar Region
17:00 Romy Lynn Chaib, Catherine Macombe and Rallou Thomopoulos, Adaptation of a Participatory System-Modeling Method to the Constraints of Remote Working
17:15 Dries Daems, A new framework for understanding causal mechanisms in long-term trajectories of social complexity
17:30 André Martins, Senescence and non-inheritable learning traits

Session Closing
Chairs: Pierre Borgnat, Hocine Cherifi and Chavalarias David
17:45-18:00 : Closing