Julie Dugdale

Welcome to Dijon for FRCCS 2021

Université Grenoble Alpes

From 2010 to 2020 I was the head of the HAwAI (Human Aware Artificial Intelligence) Research Team, since 2021 I joined the Steamer research team. I am interested in modelling aspects of human behaviour at the cognitive, work and societal level using an agent-based approach. Often, but not always, my agent-based models are used for simulations. Broadly, my work falls into the domain of Agent based Social Simulation (ABSS).
Following my background in artificial intelligence I am primarily interested in cognition and interaction. Specifically, modelling the cognitive activities of human behaviour, the cognitive supports in our work environment and how groups of people interact in order to accomplish a task. Recognising a work situation as being complex necessarily relates my work to adaptive systems and complex systems theory.
I have applied my work to many areas, but I am particularly interested in emergency rescue, crisis management, and energy management: areas which in themselves bring many interesting research questions.