Camille Roth

Welcome to Dijon for FRCCS 2021


My research lies at the interface between social and computational sciences, around keywords such as social network analysis, complex system modeling, socio-semantic networks, mathematical sociology, sociology of the internet, social cognition, algorithmic society, qual-quant approaches, natural language processing, automated information extraction, graphs and hypergraphs.
Institutionally, I have been navigating between both areas as well: I have been holding a research professorship at CNRS since 2008 (“chercheur CNRS” i.e., tenured without teaching duties) in computer science while I also had a couple of tenured university positions in sociology, at Sciences Po as Associate Professor (“professeur”, 2016-18) and in Toulouse as Assistant Professor (“maître de conférences”, 2007-08) – see my resume for the specifics and the background.
I founded in 2012 and currently lead the Computational Social Science Team at Centre Marc Bloch in Berlin, a CNRS unit abroad which is additionally affiliated with the Humboldt Universität and where I am principally based. I am also associated researcher at CAMS (CNRS/EHESS).