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Course offering in English

The IUT of Dijon-Auxerre offers undergrated courses taught in English with professional and technologic skills in different fields: culture ; Computing Science, Multimedia and Internet (CSMI) ; Food, Biology and Mechanics (FBM) ; Business Administration and Management (BAM) ; Network and Telecommunication (NT) ; International Trade and Export Management (ITEM). 

Each field offers the opportunity to do a placement in a company or a laboratory.

The core course will enable you to discover France.
It is a compulsory part of the training, you have to chose at least one course in the list, that you will find in the "Dowloads" part (on the right).

  • Current affairs and general culture
  • Cultural visits
  • French foreign Language
  • Intercultural Program for European credits
  • Communicating in Organisations
  • ……..
  • Data structures and fundamental Algorithm
  • Writing for digital media
  • Web integration
  • Advanced Object oriented design and Programming
  • Network  Services
  • Methodology for the Production of applications
  • Server side web Programming (PHP)
  • Web Development, Web Integration
  • Graph Theory and regular language
  • Image processing and videos analysis
  • Rich Clients
  • Design and development of mobile applications
  • …….
  • Unit operations in food industry
  • Bacterial stress and adaptation
  • Culture of rat brain astrocytes
  • RNA interference and CRISPR-CAS
  • Analysis of organic compounds
  • Study of the enzymes
  • Packaging material and process
  • Industrial microbiology and genetics
  • Material Science : Material property
  • Material Science : implementation  and Material Behaviour
  • Mechanical Machining
  • Mass Production manufacturing
  • …….
  • Accountancy-Fundamental concepts
  • Cross cultural management
  • Computer Science
  • Logistics and SCM
  • Marketing study and Business plan
  • Strategy and innovation
  • Business Trade and International development
  • ……..
  • Structural building work
  • Basics in Networks services
  • Principles and architecture of networks
  • Access network technologies
  • Optical Fibers
  • Databases
  • Triple play
  • ……..
  • Business strategies
  • Communication
  • International   negociation
  • Leadership
  • Project Management



May 15th for Fall Semester (Sept-Jan)
November 15th for Spring Semester (Jan-June)

Student Exchange Program Application to download and send back 


As an Exchange student, you have 3 options for studying at the University of Burgundy: 

etudiants individuels

As an independant student. If you are seeking a degree at the IUT and you are not part of the Erasmus program or attending a university which has a partnership with the IUT, please follow the instructions which correspond to your situation on the uB page for degree seeking students.

Erasmus Program.

If you are part of the Erasmus program, please follow the instructions on the uB page for Erasmus students.


As part of an agreement between the IUT and your university.

If your university has an agreement with the IUT, please follow the instructions on the uB page for exchange students. Check to see if your university has an agreement with the IUT on the partner universities page.


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