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Course offering in French

The two-year Undergraduate Technology Degree (DUT) is the main course of study offered at the IUT. The objective of the DUT is to train the next generation in technical and professional functions in various fields of production and applied research. Of the 25 specialties offered by the different IUTs in France, the following programs are offered at either the Dijon or the Auxerre campus:

  • Business and Management of Organizations (GACO)
  • Management of Organizations (GEA)
  • Biological Engineering (GB)
  • Civil engeneering and Sustainable Construction (GC-CD)
  • Mechanical Engeneering and Production Management (GMP)
  • Information - Communication (INFOCOM)
  • Computing (INFO)
  • Internet and Multimedia Technologies (MMI)
  • Networks and Telecommunications (RT)
  • Business and Marketing Techniques (TC)

The IUT also offers the professional "licence" program (post-DUT) which combines theorical and pratical teaching with internships lasting from 12 to 16 weeks. Each of the 19 profesionnal "licence" programs offered at the IUT are explained on this page.


May 15th for the first semester (Sept-Jan)
November 15th for the second semester (Jan-June)

As an Exchange student, you have 3 options for studying at the University of Burgundy: 

etudiants individuels

As an independant student.If you are seeking a degree at the IUT and you are not part of the Erasmus program or attending a university which has a partnership with the IUT, please follow the instructions which correspond to your situation on the uB page for degree seeking students.

Erasmus Program.

If you are part of the Erasmus program, please follow the instructions on the uB page for Erasmus students.


As part of an agreement between the IUT and your university.

If your university has an agreement with the IUT, please follow the instructions on the uB page for exchange students. Check to see if your university has an agreement with the IUT on the partner universities page.

Though some classes are offered in English, you may be required to validate your level in French.


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